Why I’m running:

I live in a one-bedroom apartment in South Glendale, where I run a small business and tutor students.

During the pandemic, we have seen how tenant-landlord issues affect everyone in Glendale, where 67% of residents are renters. I worked with community groups and the City Council to create the new Tenant-Landlord Committee, so we can come together to discuss problems and find common sense solutions.

I have big dreams for our city and specific ideas on how to make them real:

—A new model of affordable housing and the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA)

—Right to Counsel and Anti-Harassment laws for fair and safe housing

—Public banking to save money for the City and serve our people

—Council districts so that areas like South Glendale are represented in City Hall

—An Ethics Commission to keep our politicians honest

—Healthy trees and water—for people, too!

At a time when it is easy for people to live in bubbles where everyone thinks the same way, I encourage different voices to talk to each other and work for positive change.

A vote for me is a vote for change.

My cats approve this message.

Here is a video of my candidate statement, if you prefer to listen and watch rather than read. Yes, I sound like a nerd because–well–I am a nerd! I spent my entire youth with my nose in a book.

(Yes, the orange and black colors are a nod to tigers, in this year of the tiger.
I was also born in the year of the tiger.

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