I have been endorsed by these organizations:

Feel the Bern Democratic Club of Los Angeles County

Our Revolution-Feel the Bern, Los Angeles County

Ground Game LA

The Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA)

I proactively reached out to these groups for their endorsements because they share my values and goals of making life better for working and middle class people.

Other organizations, however, routinely send out questionnaires and invite candidates for interviews. I dutifully filled out all their forms and enjoyed meeting new people through that process, but it would be a stretch to say that I actually wanted their endorsements. Established groups are unlikely to support an agent of change, for the simple reason that they like the way they do things, and I want to change that.

Some candidates also receive endorsements from politicians and other individuals. I did not seek these endorsements, again for the obvious reason that if Establishment figures represented the change I need to see, I would not need to run for office at all.

In conclusion: I don’t like the Establishment and they don’t like me. This is logical for a candidate for change, and that makes me happy.

It is also consistent with the City Council repeatedly blocking me from taking Glendale’s seat on the board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, in spite of my fluent knowledge of water issues and even at times when no one else in Glendale wanted the water board seat.